What sells your technology

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What sells technology better than the people who use it every day…, without a person that understands your technology, or has the ability to conceptualize it; writing a proposal, user manual, or online help system on that technology is not built on facts but rather vague marketing jargon.

For example, here is a statement from a marketing advertisement that states, “Solutions that improve efficiency, ensure safety and drive performance by delivering unparalleled operational and compliance support.”

Can anyone really discern that this statement is factual about a product being promoted and sold “as is” in web application development?  There is a variant for every social media platform, as there is a variant for your web application design. There is nothing “exceptional” in the concept of being sold “as is”.

Add direction to how your content is being promoted, by sticking to factual statements. The industry frowns on piecemealed applications that promote compliance when there is no actual compliance value in buying a piece of an application to create another product.