Your company deserves a technical writer

Have you ever watched a technical training video on how to implement a software development kit and realized that you learned nothing? The reasons for this could be because there just was not enough information, the speaker’s tone of voice put you to sleep, or the speaker was speaking so fast that you could not determine the steps required.

Bad development experiences can lead to product purchase refusals. For this reason, many consumers today want more than just a video for their complex web-based development projects. Not only is documentation such as a user guide needed for in-person and video training, but scripts and outlines of what should be presented. Training videos are great if you have the time and money to develop training properly. But in most cases, that prize engineer that knows everything about your product will not be the right resource for delivering the training to a customer.

As technical writers, we work to get the most out of the information needed to develop content for complex technical topics and have worked with some pretty advanced subject matter experts. We often assist in testing the usability of a product through documenting it. Our assistance can help make a difference in how your application is delivered and perceived by customers. Let us help put some direction into your development.