Writing is an art, not just a science

Here at creative virtuosity we often write content on our pages in open form. But don’t let our writing style sway your views. We are technically minded. Our goal is to understand the science of technology to better assist businesses in their documentation needs.

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Identity theft attacks through false recruiting strategies

If you are like us, you probably do not want to provide all your personal identity information in an email for resume submittals. Most of the individuals collecting personal identity information via email are probably not interested in placing your information into a client’s resume database for employment purposes. Many of them are not even professional recruiters, or your resume would be submitted without a push for the personal identity information. We recommend you find a genuine recruiter or submit your resume to the client companies yourself. A recruiting firm that waits to collect personal identity information via an I-9 and actually provides an interview with the client is the safest bet.

Checking out your state’s legislation related to Business and Commerce to learn more about securing your personal identity information is always a good idea. In Texas, “sensitive information” is defined as name, address, bio-metric data, and identification numbers such as social security numbers. By law, businesses cannot transfer your personal identity information without consent. However, this can be disputed if you do not read the fine print.

Most recruiting firms do not require bio metric data i.e., fingerprints and dna for their assignments; however, this type of data does have specific constraints to its collection. All personal identity information has a required method of transfer across networks; therefore, emailing personal identity information to what seems to be a reputable recruiting firm’s recruiter via email is obviously not insurance that your information will not be abused.