Are Internet Services stealing your business brand?

On the world wide web, there is a common struggle for publicity amongst businesses.  Some of the most common techniques for business exposure is having a unique name business name. Ever wonder why your uniquely trademarked business isn’t getting the attention it needs?  It might be because advertising markets are stealing your business brand.

Business Brand

In most cases, when using an appropriate search engine provider, a user just has to enter the company name to find a company and their website. Here, the business is shown as being related to another company by this search engine advertiser offering free company website submissions. The search engine provider is not returning the correct URL with the correct company name entered by the user at all.

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Post-pandemic, many search engine promotion firms are struggling to make businesses anew.  Even businesses that have no experience in internet advertising and marketing are getting a shot at breaking into the field. But don’t be fooled by their statements that they are not controlling your business rankings on the internet. Many of these businesses are using your company brand name to get business exposure.

Big business trends in advertising may seem legal, but if someone is using your trademarked business name to start their business, get business exposure or prevent business, this can be considered trademark infringement.

Ethical business for remote computing

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remote technology concept

Working in the remote environment should not mean taking less pay for the same hours worked as an on-site worker; as the work product is the same.  Though an individual working in the remote environment might save about $500 on monthly expenses for lunch hours and gas, the cost of living has gone up post-pandemic.

Remote workers absorb a lot of the overhead costs that on-site workers do not. Our personal computers, email inboxes, and social media are inundated by unruly employment marketing strategies. Businesses have to create reasonable conditions for on-site workers to reduce health risks and overturn rates, where remote laborers are absorbing these risks on their own.

Ethical business is not just about setting a code of conduct for the remote computing environment anymore.  We don’t just struggle with issues of identity theft, data breach, and financial loss; we struggle with finding profitable employment without compromising safety.