Ethical business for remote computing

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Working in the remote environment should not mean taking less pay for the same hours worked as an on-site worker; as the work product is the same.  Though an individual working in the remote environment might save about $500 on monthly expenses for lunch hours and gas, the cost of living has gone up post-pandemic.

Remote workers absorb a lot of the overhead costs that on-site workers do not. Our personal computers, email inboxes, and social media are inundated by unruly employment marketing strategies. Businesses have to create reasonable conditions for on-site workers to reduce health risks and overturn rates, where remote laborers are absorbing these risks on their own.

Ethical business is not just about setting a code of conduct for the remote computing environment anymore.  We don’t just struggle with issues of identity theft, data breach, and financial loss; we struggle with finding profitable employment without compromising safety.